Before you begin, make sure you’ve installed the Chrome extension.

Decide what you want to capture

Since Lancey can create a pixel-free interactive demo of your product, its helpful to decide what feature or flows you want to cover as part of your demo.

Open the Lancey extension

Find the Lancey extension in your Chrome address bar. Remember to pin the extension so its easy to access at anytime.

Once you’ve opened it, you’ll see it pop up on your screen.

Start the capture process

All that’s left to do is hit the Create Demo button.

Once you begin the process, Lancey will follow you across the demo and keep track of how many frames you’ve recorded. The extension will show up on the bottom left hand of the screen.

Lancey will only capture a frame when you click, type, or interact with the page. It is not a video recording tool.

Finishing the recording

Once you’re done capturing your perfect demo, you can hit the Stop recording button on the extension located on the bottom left hand of the screen.

After the recording is complete, you’ll get redirected to a new tab with your interactive demo.