It doesn’t take long before you’ve gotten trigger happy and created more demos than you know what to do with. Well this ones for you.

Instead of letting your demos run wild, you can create folders to better organize the content.

Creating and managing folders

  1. Head to demo overview screen and click the Create folder button. Give your folder a name and hit Save.
  1. Once you’re created a folder, you can now move a demo within a folder.
  2. Find a demo you want to move and click on the Move demo button.
  1. Select the folder and click the Move in button.

Ways to organize folders

Once you’ve started creating folders its good to align on how to best structure folders across the entire team. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen folders being used.

1. Folders per individual user

This makes it easy if you have a small team to have each user create their own folder to store their demos. It does get difficult as the team size grows.

2. Folders by team/department

You can also create folders based on teams. Sales can have their own folders created for demos while marketing or customer success can have thier own folders without anyone getting in each other’s way.

3. Folders by demo topic

Lastly, if you have multiple different product lines or areas of the product you want to show, folders can also be created so they’re specific to that product or area.

You can also create folders within folders to combine each of the three ways above based on your team needs.